first and foremost, we ask you to remember to keep ic and ooc separate. all journals must be ic and cannot contain any underscores, numbers, or additional letters. For applying, all we ask for know is your characters name, age, occupation, birthday, and things like that! Of course you are more than welcome to give us more information. Be it a blurb, a couple facts, or even a bio - it's up to you!

As of 1/7/18 examples are required. We ask you to please provide us with a link to them in the dropbox.

We ask for at least two scene examples, and also at least two narrative and/or entry examples.

If you are looking to bring in another character you are more than welcome to provide us with examples and/or you may state whom you currently play instead. However, since our activity is very relaxed, we of course encourage getting to see some of your writing as well if you haven't provided much in your current characters journal. If you’d rather just provide examples and not state who you are we have no problem with that, however your acceptance will solely be on the examples provided.

once you have been accepted to ~where, you aren't required to post an offical introduction, but we do ask you to post something within 72 within your journal or in the everything subcomm ~matanzas

Deleted applications are rejected! We do not answer inquires about rejections.

We strive for a laid back enviroment, but are looking for some activity and interaction between characters! We do not care what you post, just as long as you post! it can be an instagram post, a playlist, journal update, narrative, something, and we'll count it as your activity for the month. We do require at least one posts a month, but you are more than welcome to post more. We also ask you to make sure you comment back to any comments left on your posts, as well as comment others!

Along with your one post a month, we ask you to please make sure your friends list is up to date. If your friends list is left updated for numerous adds we will remove your character. This is the other part of activity, and we ask you to just simply run the button to void being removed.

single instagram post